What If My Insurer is Refusing to Pay Out a Valid Claim?

Insurance companies have a legal obligation to adhere to the policies they hold and pay out on valid claims. If your insurer is refusing to pay out a valid claim, an insurance bad faith attorney from our Los Angeles law firm stands ready to help you fight for the compensation that is rightfully yours. Our attorneys have more than 90 years combined experience and, unlike much larger firms, we take pride in providing our clients with hard-hitting representation and the one-on-one, personalized attention they deserve.

At Mansell & Mansell, APC, we do not take kindly to insurance companies who engage in bad faith practices for their own unethical purposes. An insurance policy is a contractual agreement. If you have been paying your insurance premiums and keeping up with your end of the agreement, then your insurance provider needs to be held responsible for their obligations as well. Do not let your insurer tell you otherwise.

Do not allow yourself to fall victim to their deception. In many cases, simply notifying your insurer that you have retained legal representation is enough to expedite your claim thus allowing you to get you the financial compensation you are owed. When you have a lawyer from our firm on your side, you can trust that will do whatever it takes to help you pursue the most optimal resolution for your case.

Contact a Los Angeles insurance bad faith attorney at our firm to learn more about your rights and about the legal actions we can take on your behalf.

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